Creating a Room


By Reece Lyons

updated 3 months ago

A Room is a board that holds Topics. Rooms can be used for a variety of functions, but the most common use cases are below: 

1) A public roadmap for your business with each Topic being a feature that you want to get comments/votes on from your customers.

2) An internal to-do list for your team.

3) An internal or public bug tracking board. 

4) A prioritisation board to crowdsource feedback on upcoming ideas, blog article titles or marketing-related content. 

5) Super simple project management.

Rooms are accessed using the left-hand sidebar - just click the Room name and you'll be able to customize branding settings like the Room's logo, custom domain and colour for branding purposes. 

You can also embed Rooms in your SaaS application, website or other digital content using a super-smart responsive iframe (copy and paste the code snippet) without any coding knowledge required.

Announcefly also let's you connect your own custom vanity domain to a Room, where each Room can have a separate brand identity (perfect for multi-brand businesses or agencies selling Roadmap services) and custom domain. 

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